eliza & david

Since moving to Maine three years ago, I have had the chance to get to know Eliza’s family quite well. They’ve been incredibly warm and welcoming to Michael and me, so naturally, I was over the moon with excitement to photograph Eliza & David’s special day.  It was the quintessential summer New England wedding- a sweet ceremony in a charming 18th century meeting house, followed by a tented reception in Eliza’s family’s backyard, complete with lawn games & handmade decor.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Yarmouth Maine Wedding

Yarmouth ME Weddings

Croquet wedding

Old Meeting House Yarmouth

Yarmouth Meeting House

Meeting House Weddings Yarmouth

Yarmouth Meeting House Wedding

Meeting House Wedding Yarmouth

Old Meeting House Wedding

Yarmouth ME Wedding

Backyard Wedding Decor

Backyard Wedding Maine

Jam Wedding Favors

Wedding Bunting

Belle Fete Catering

Croquet at Weddings

Two Fat Cats Bakery

Two Fat Cats

Yarmouth Maine Wedding Reception

Ceremony location: Old Meeting House. Reception venue: Private Residence in Yarmouth, Maine. Catering: Belle Fête. Flowers: DIY. Favors: Jams from The Berry Patch. Cake Topper: Bride.  Programs: Illustration by bride’s father. Cakes & pies: Two Fat Cats.

8 thoughts on “eliza & david”

  1. Awesome images lady! Sometimes I forget you’re photographing our wedding since you’ll be there and you’re my friend :) I love seeing beautiful images like these that remind me that we will have our own set of MP images, yay! :-D

  2. Meredith, I’m viewing this from Hupper Island where I hope to see you one of these days. The photos are gorgeous and capture some wonderful moments and emotions! You are amazing and we really appreciated your lovely, discreet presence on Eliza’s big day. What a talent you have!

  3. Meredith, you’re a hero! We love love love your photos. Thank you so much for capturing everything so beautifully! We’re having such fun reliving those lovely moments.

  4. Meredith you have such an amazing way of capturing moments… i am looking forward to seeing some more!!!

  5. Eliza is absolutely the cutest! Her smile melts my heart. Your caught Julia and her “puckish” attitude PERFECTLY!!
    Love the simplicity of the day. The flags, lanterns and table names are super cute. LOVE, LOVE. LOVE the cake topper.
    Great shots of the precious church and the walk to the reception.

  6. So many cute details in this wedding! I love the shots at the church and the couple w/ their croquet mallets!

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