sun, snow, and a roll of ektar!

Several weeks ago we woke up to a snowy, sun-filled morning, so I grabbed my camera and a roll of Ektar, and had a little fun with Orvis in the yard! Playing in the snow when the sun is bright and the air is warm is my favorite way to enjoy the winter weather. Today’s crazy snowstorm is still happening, so we’ve yet to really get out and play, but we’re looking forward to a possible snowshoe outing tomorrow!

Kodak’s Ektar film is so fun to shoot when it’s bright & sunny – I love the colors in these photos!  (I also love how silly Orvis looks in so many of these photos, but that has nothing to do with the film!)

Happy snow day!

Pergola in the snow

South Portland Snow

Snowy Orvis

Orvis snow


Orvis in the snow




4 thoughts on “sun, snow, and a roll of ektar!”

  1. Thank you, I needed the giggle I had over Orvis digging around. He looks like he is in heaven! Love the colors of these Meredith!

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