the new studio (interior!)

Michael & I moved everything out of the old & unlimited studio over the weekend, and into the newly-built studio behind our house.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t super sentimental about leaving the old space, even though I loved it dearly.  Perhaps I know it’s not really goodbye, as I live three doors down and know that I will continue to walk by the space every single day.  Or maybe it’s simply because I’m so excited about the new studio- a space of our own that we’ve been able to design from scratch!

We worked hard to make the studio look as if it’s always been tucked back behind our 18th century cape.  The exposed beams (found in Boothbay Harbor!), the gray floors, the horizontal planking, the beadboard ceiling, and the casement & awning windows all add to the overall historic feel of the building.

& unlimited studio

The famous door desk that has found its way all over the internet from Planet Green to Apartment Therapy most certainly made the move to the new studio!  As did my favorite Pottery Barn chair & office accessories!

& unlimited studio

A few tulips from Michael!

& unlimited studio

I was lucky to be able to incorporate a lot of the same furniture from the old studio .  In addition to the door desk, I brought along the zinc-topped table, the wooden bench, and the green storage compartment.  I was, however, able to make a few fun purchases for the new space, including a couple of modern yellow chairs from West Elm, a few pendant lights, a Dash & Albert rug, and the fireplace!

& unlimited studio

& unlimited studio

What fun!  Now instead of walking down the block to work, I simply walk out back.  I’m able to watch Orvis romp & roll in the yard, and when he grows tired of chewing on sticks & chasing squirrels, he simply waits by the door to come in and nap by the fire.  The entire setup could not be more perfect for our lifestyle!

Photos of the exterior are coming soon!  I need to finish the wreath for the newly painted blue door, attach strap hinges on the carriage house “doors,” and finish spreading some mulch around the new plants!

28 thoughts on “the new studio (interior!)”

  1. Great job! I would LOVE to come and work someplace so pretty, personal and cozy! That fireplace looks particularly inviting.

  2. Your studio looks so amazing! It’s an organizer’s dream! :-) Where did you get those great green cubbies?

  3. absolutely in LOVE with this new studio!! so fun that it’s right at your back door! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  4. I remember those giant paper clips from our dorm room! They look much better in this beautiful space! Congratulations!!

  5. Meredith – the new space looks gorgeous!! And I’m a little biased, but I
    like how one particular photo canvas adds to your wall :) So incredibly
    happy for you! Owen sends you his love!

  6. Meredith! This is so great! It looks so fresh and is such a good fit for your home and for your clients. I want to sip tea out of an &Unlimited mug while sitting by that fire! Also, you have Philip, Orvis and I to watch over you while you work :)

  7. WOW I LOVE WHAT I SEE!!! Every detail is so awesome! I can’t wait to one day have my own studio as well! Best wishes as you continue doing what you do best!!

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