2011 pumpkins!

As promised, here are this year’s Magazine Monday pumpkins.  Inspired by the pumpkins in so many of my October issues, Michael & I grabbed the knives and had some fun with these pumpkins.  To change it up a little, this year I went the traditional route and carved my own, instead of painting.  With Michael’s help, I think we came up with some pretty great jack-o-lanterns!

Michael & I are crazy about our Wayfarers, so I particularly love his ‘too cool’ sunglasses-wearing pumpkin.  But let’s be honest, the real show stealer is the Orvis pumpkin.  Too bad he liked the taste of it more than the look of it . . .

Martha Stewart Pumpkins

Wayfarer Pumpkin

Labrador Pumpkin


Labrador Pumpkins

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by our house tonight.  We have tons of candy!  Happy Halloween!

To see last year’s pumpkins, click HERE!

17 thoughts on “2011 pumpkins!”

  1. Haha!! Too cute!! I wish that I could stop by your house and get some of that good candy!! Love and miss you!!

  2. Those are soooooo cute! I love the one with the bumpy face! Too funny! We didn’t do any pumpkin carving this year, but definitely will next year!

  3. I am particularly fascinated by the glasses…were they made from a separate squash and added?…how did you adhere them to the face? Love Orvis’ pumpkin, too…almost looks like a cookie cutter…if not, maybe you should fashion one and market them. Looks like you had fun…Happy Halloween, plus one!

  4. Love these!!! We discovered last year Vickie loves to eat them as well… we also discovered pumpkin stains white dogs!!! I hope you guys had a great Halloween!

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