Last week Michael and I shared images and stories from our trip to Provence on our food & travel blog, Map & Menu. I returned home from France absolutely head over heels in love with the region of Provence  – I even went so far as to declare it ‘my favorite place in the entire world’ on our Map & Menu writeup! We saw some of the most charming villages and ate some of the most incredible meals, including the very best lunch of our lives. (I realize I’m making several bold statements here, but that’s honestly how much we loved our whole Provençal adventure!) Of course, returning to our beloved Hotel Crillon le Brave is now a top priority of mine. I may or may not have been researching return flights before we even left the hotel.

The following are a few favorite memories of our wonderful trip. For even more details about our time in Provence, click HERE!

Hotel Crillon le Brave

Le Jardin du Quai



Crillon Le Brave Provence


Crillon Le Brave

Panna Cotta

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  1. So I am a little biased of course, but those look amazing! So glad you had such a great trip and so happy you were part of our big day!!

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