Orzo is the combined nickname of our lab, Orvis, and his pal, Enzo, coined by our friends Darcy & Carolyn who took care of them both while we were down in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago.  Just two days after we returned home from D.C., it was our turn to look after the unstoppable duo that is Orzo.  Enzo & Orvis spent the better part of two solid weeks together, and we all went through some serious withdrawal issues when the big slumber party came to an end.



Enzo & Orvis

Check my Tumblr blog for a few more photos of these two!

Orvis and Enzo

Last week Enzo became a big brother to little Hughie!  We’re still thinking of what the new combined nickname (Orvis, Enzo, Hughie) should be.  Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “orzo.”

  1. how about “horenz” ? Enzo is the most perfect name for him! What a cutie…and Orvis is so handsome as always.

  2. Having had the privilege of house sitting Enzo (and Hughie) i know how fun they can be. Our dogs missed them when they left. But more importantly, these photos are AMAZING!!

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