an ordinary weekend.

With no weddings or shoots scheduled for the weekend, Saturday & Sunday were full of all kinds of weekend loveliness, and I couldn’t help but think to myself, “so this is what a normal weekend is like!”  On Saturday we finished up the second coat of paint on the studio’s interior walls, but not without enjoying our usual weekend indulgence of a Scratch bagel first.  I tidied up around the house and left Michael to finish up the trim (thank you, MC!) while I headed out to enjoy a girl’s lunch with my friend, Chelsey, and a couple of her sweet bridesmaids I met at her wedding just over a year ago.  Later Michael and I stopped by the local garden center to pick up a few more plants for the yard, in an attempt to clean up the mess from the two trenches we had to have dug for the new studio’s power & gas lines.  After Michael snoozed on the couch and I read a couple of magazines, we took Orvis on a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, before heading out to see our dear friends perform in a lively fiddle concert.

Yesterday we woke up and made our way over to Portland’s West End for an epic brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Caiola’s.  We headed up to the outlets in Freeport on a mission to find warm socks . . . and browse J.Crew, of course.  We came back and put the first coat of gray paint on the floors in the new studio.

All in all, it felt incredibly rejuvenating to have such . . . an ordinary weekend.  And trust me, I mean ordinary in the best way.  There were no beautiful weddings or cute families to photograph.  No meetings to attend or websites for Michael to build.  We simply enjoyed spending time with each other.  A little work here and a little play there.  A seemingly ordinary weekend that was truly extraordinary.

& unlimited studio

A little glimpse into the progress we’re making on the new studio!  The second coat of gray goes on the floors tonight!

9 thoughts on “an ordinary weekend.”

  1. I love the floors! The studio looks like it’s shaping up nicely. I can’t wait to come visit! And what a perfect ordinary weekend indeed.

  2. Mere! It’s just how I pictured it would be- so fresh and cute. Plus, I liked reading about your Ordinary Weekend. As a girl who works most Saturdays, I can completely identify with how awesome it is to have two days “off” together. Glad you had a great weekend and great job on the new studio!

  3. It looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more :-) I’m glad you had such a nice weekend! I was driving all over MA for sessions, and when I saw people running or walking their dogs I thought “wow, I wonder what that feels like” ;-)

  4. LOVE the studio! Fresh and bright!
    I LIVE for ordinary weekends…can’t remember the last one!
    Enjoy the beautiful fall!

  5. The painted floors make the biggest difference! Glad you had an ordinary weekend that makes you appreciate everything you have.

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