alex & owen

Alex & Owen are two extraordinary people, so it’s no surprise that their wedding was just as perfect as the two of them are together. Many highlights from this fantastic celebration come to mind – the picturesque setting overlooking the Hudson River, the post-dinner New Orleans-style Second Line parade, an abundance of beautiful light, seeing one of my favorite families from North Carolina, etc… but the very best part of the entire day was seeing and experiencing how much love & happiness surrounded this sweet couple. I owe Alex, Owen, and their incredibly kind families many thanks for inviting me down to Hudson to document what was one of the happiest wedding celebrations I’ve ever seen.

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Venue: Oak Hill in Hudson, NY. Event Planning: Experience Events. Band: EV Band.

6 thoughts on “alex & owen”

  1. OMG!!!! Allie, you make me cry!!! Your face is the same as it was in 3rd grade! And YOUR DRESS!! Love seeing you and your family again! Please tell them hello for me!! xoxoxox All the best to you and Owen!

  2. You guys look wonderful and so happy. Alex you made a beautiful bride. Owen, can you send one of those handsome groomsmen to Indiana? We could use one here. Love you both.

  3. Such wonderful, beautiful, happy pictures! You were a beautiful bride and Owen a handsome groom and the joy of the day was captured in these fantastic pictures.

  4. You have captured such tenderness and adoration.
    I am totally blown away but the manner and grace that you accomplished this.
    The bride is so beautiful and happy!!

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