magazine monday: the water.

Last week as I was flipping through my copy of Yoga Journal during a lunch break I came across the article, Blue Horizons, a featured part of the special “Blue Issue,” dedicated entirely to water.  I was inspired.  Before I even finished the piece and found the accompanying 29 ways to get involved article, I was inspired.  What put things into perspective for me was this quote from Vancouver-based yoga teacher, Eoin Finn: “The ocean is so healing.  Whenever you go to the beach, no matter what problems you have, your sense of awe, joy, and wonder is restored.  It gives you the energy to want to heal the water.”

Living just a couple of blocks from the beach, Michael & I have grown fond of taking Orvis there nearly every single day.  We have the privilege of gazing out across the ocean when we go on neighborhood runs, and we live within walking distance of three of Maine’s lighthouses.  We are inspired by water each and every day of our lives.  Taking steps to try and actively protect this resource just makes sense.

Just this morning, after a quick visit to the beach with Michael, I have signed up for our neighborhood beach clean-up in a few weeks and “planted” ten endangered sea turtles in El Savador by donating $25.  I’m committing to finally buying the reusable produce bags I see at Whole Foods each week to accompany my grocery tote bags, and I’ve moved FLOW: For Love of Water up to the first position in our Netflix queue.

Obviously my efforts will not stop here, but I really am looking forward to trying my hardest to make any sort of a difference. Unfortunately Yoga Journal has not updated their site with either of these articles, but I promise to link them when they do.  The suggestions range anywhere from purchasing a pair of Levi’s new Water-Less jeans, donating to organizations like Water Aid,, and The Water Project, and home improvement updates like aerating showerheads and dual-flush toilets (check!).

In honor of today’s Magazine Monday, I thought a few film photos of Kettle Cove, one of my favorite places in Maine, would be quite fitting for the topic.

Kettle Cove

Kettle Cove on Film

Happy Magazine Monday!

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  1. Ask Julia about “Kettle Coves” :) Lovely photos! I miss the ocean so much! Whose absurd idea was it to put Pittsburgh so far inland, anyway? Thank you for sending along a little piece of the ocean!

  2. meredith,

    just a little note to say … thank you for this post … the information and links. your post and what i am discovering because of your offering here is inspiring me this monday night.


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