maddie the chocolate lab!

Days after I met Maggie the black lab, I had the opportunity to meet Maddie the chocolate lab puppy.  Needless to say, I have been in puppy heaven these past few weeks!  Little Maddie, short for Madison, is the sweet puppy of my friends, David & Chelsey, whose wedding I second shot back in 2009!  Driving down to meet Maddie at her new home in Massachusetts, I was absolutely giddy with excitement, and when I backed out of their driveway, I was so sad to wave goodbye to Chelsey & Maddie.  Puppies (and good friends!) just have that effect on you.

Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Lab Puppies

Chocolate Lab Puppies

Chocolate Lab Puppy

Sleeping Puppy

Aren’t puppies the best?

All of these images were shot on Fuji 400H and processed by Richard Photo Lab.

15 thoughts on “maddie the chocolate lab!”

  1. I can’t get over the first photo. No, really, all of these are adorable. The sleeping puppy photo is really cute. And all of this is on film…Great job Mere!

  2. I think your blog is single-handedly increasing the adoption rate of lab puppies this week! Oh my goodness Maddie and Maggie are the cutest!

  3. the third one up is my favorite. precious puppy paws grasping puppy toy? yes, please! these belong on :)

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