last week’s adventures!

Last week was a whirlwind of adventure! I drove down to North Carolina by myself and stopped at Clifton Inn in Charlottesville to break up the trip a bit. Even though I had a lot too look forward to in NC, I simply did not want to leave Clifton. It was heavenly! To see more photos of my time there, visit our Map & Menu post about it!

Clifton Inn

Clifton Inn VA

While I was in Winston-Salem for Anne & Rhett’s wedding, I had a chance to spend some time with Michael’s family. Our niece, Addison, had me giggling nonstop! (She loves the little black lab we gave her to remind her of her cousin, Orvis.)


Of course, no visit to North Carolina is complete without spending plenty of time fawning over the cuteness of my favorite dog nephew, Charlie.


But the biggest excitement of the week was meeting this little one – my nephew, Pax! Isn’t he darling? Napping is pretty much all he did while I was in town, but how sweet is his little face? MacKenzie & Philip are rocking it as new parents, and Charlie has taken on the role of the best big brother ever.

Baby Pax

Philip and Pax

I had a wonderful trip down to North Carolina, but I’m thrilled to be back in Maine for awhile. We have some pretty exciting weddings coming up over the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to enjoying a lovely New England summer!

9 thoughts on “last week’s adventures!”

  1. cute, cute, cute and clifton is over the top.
    these places need to hire you to jazz up the websites!!!
    wonderful shots…
    do you ever rest?

  2. Hey Mere! These photos are awesome. I really want to go to Clifton. I’ll admit though, Pax & Charlie are my fave parts of this post ;) Love yoU!

  3. So many lovely photos, Meredith! I’m exploring around Map & Menu! You’ve stayed at some of the most gorgeous places!

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