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Dozens of reasons come to mind when I think about why Kat & Adam are absolutely perfect for each other. There is one in particular, however, that truly stands out to me – the way they show their love.  Not just to each other, but to every single person they care about. The ways in which Kat & Adam showeveryone that they care are truly inspiring. I watched these two interact with their closest friends & family members throughout their entire wedding day, and I was struck by how similar Kat & Adam were when it came to showing affection and care. Although the wedding day naturally focuses on the bride & groom, Kat & Adam (effortlessly) made sure that the celebration was about their guests as well. They both show love genuinely, completely, and without any inhibition. They really are perfectly suited for one another.

The following photos are just a few of my many favorites from Kat & Adam’s wedding day in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Enjoy.

Catering Works Bouquet

Chapel Hill NC Wedding

Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dress

Chapel Hill Wedding

boutonniere banjo

Banjo Boutonniere

Bridesmaids Handkerchief

Meredith Perdue Photography

St. Thomas More Wedding

St. Thomas More Church Wedding

UNC Wedding

Pine Lake Pavilion Wedding NC

Fall Wedding

Pine Lake Pavilion Weddings

Polaroid Guestbook

Pine Lake Pavilion Wedding Reception

Wedding Favors

Mason Jars Weddings

Southern Wedding

Wedding Games

Meredith Perdue Photography

Meredith Perdue Weddings

Meredith Perdue Wedding Photography

Chapel Hill Wedding Pictures

Pine Lake Pavilion Wedding

Chapel Hill Wedding Reception

Pine Lake Pavilion Weddings

Ceremony site: St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill. Reception site: Pine Lake Pavilion. Flowers: Catering Works. Kat’s Dress: Priscilla of Boston. Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J.Crew. Catering + Cake: Catering Works. Band: Bull City Syndicate. Invitations: cencational designs.

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  1. I simultaneously have popped up goosebumps and teared up looking at these pictures at my desk. What a perfect representation of Kat & Adam’s fun-loving and sweet relationship and beautiful, intimate wedding celebration!

  2. Oh my! I loved all of the details- and Kat & Adam look so genuinely happy- just bursting! The banjo on the lapel was too much! SO CUTE.

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