cypress albums: iris book sample!

During the height of the fall wedding season I carved out some time to sit down and finally create a new sample album! Items like this are always on my to-do lists, but they seem to get pushed further & further down, behind other more time-sensitive tasks. After some of my more recent client meetings this year, I simply couldn’t take how outdated my sample albums from Cypress seemed to be, so I decided to remedy that by designing an Iris Book from Rachel & John’s wedding in Wrightsville Beach. It arrived last week, and I opened it with such excitement- something I always do when boxes from Cypress come!

Cypress Albums

Cypress Wedding Albums

Cypress Album Iris Book

Iris Book

Cypress Album

And a few examples of some of the album’s spreads:

Album Design

Album Spread

Album Layouts

For a quick peek into the lovely, yet labor intensive & intricate, process of bookbinding, check out the ‘Happy Holidays’ video from Cypress, released earlier this week. It makes me even more excited to assemble the prints to send them for my next new sample album, the matted Cypress Album.

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