Many magazines make their way to our home each month – House & Garden, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Garden & Gun, Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit, and more. (I guess our subscription to Runner’s World is a weak attempt to counteract some of the damage caused by all of the food publications we receive.) It can be a little difficult to make the time to read them all, but lately I’ve been beginning each work day going through a couple of magazines at a time. Doing so next to my computer allows me to bookmark a restaurant to try (this is largely how we build the ‘hopeful reservations list on Map & Menu), search a photographer’s portfolio, or find out a bit more about something I’ve just read. I’ve also gone back to tearing out whatever image I’m instantly struck by, something I haven’t done nearly enough since Pinterest became my go-to source for finding inspiration.

Beginning my day surrounded by so much striking imagery has proven to completely fire me up to tackle the day’s tasks, and further inspires me to want to create something, (anything, really) each day. It’s an absolutely refreshing & rejuvenating way to wake up the mind!


Magazine Inspiration

Magazines as Inspiration

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