the greenhouse at the inn at perry cabin

The weather is a little depressing & dreary here in Maine today, but I’m kind of excited about the rain we’re getting. We did some yard work over the weekend, and we desperately needed some of this moisture! I am excited, however, for the rain to stop, so we can get out back again and further beautify our yard. Next on our agenda is to rebuild the raised garden bed we took down when we built the studio! (I say ‘our agenda,’ but the building part of this to-do is totally on Michael’s list!)

All of this recent gardening work reminds me of the photos I took for Map & Menu of the greenhouse at the Inn at Perry Cabin. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to tend to your plants & flowers in this beauty?

Perry Cabin Greenhouse

Greenhouse at Perry Cabin

Inn at Perry Cabin Greenhouse

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