hunter boots!

A few weeks ago I bought myself a pair of green Hunter Boots- the wellies I’ve wanted for a couple of years now- and I couldn’t possibly love them anymore than I do.  I wear them out to the studio & around town, and they’re always on my feet when we take Orvis to play on the beach!  Plus, they match the Mini perfectly!  How fun is that?  This year, I cannot wait for Mud Season (spring!)

Hunter Boots

Green Hunter Boots

Couldn’t resist this shot of Orvis’s lanky legs beside the tall boots!

Orvis and Hunter Boots

All of these images were shot on Fuji 400H and processed by Richard Photo Lab.  Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “hunter boots!”

  1. These are awesome! I love the last two especially with those precious legs and perfect focus work :) Love!

  2. I have been coveting Hunter boots BIG time lately! And with the extreme amounts of snow that we’ve had this winter (another 16″ this week!), the mud will be plentiful this spring!! Also, I’m loving your film photos. And although I really think your digital images have a wonderful film-like quality, it’s fun to see you playing!

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