he’s orvis.

We’ve always laughed about his nosy tendencies and overall sense of entitlement.  He truly believes he has the right to go anywhere – even if the door in front of him is almost shut.

It doesn’t matter that the door he’s nudged open with his nose was just painted.  Bright blue.  Less than ten minutes ago.  He’s Orvis.  Rules mean nothing to him.

Paint of Dog

The paint on the nose was much more prominent, but by the time I grabbed my camera, he’d licked a good bit off already.  The thing that still puzzles me though is how in the world he managed to get paint on his butt.  But, then again, he is Orvis . . . and nothing concerning him should really surprise me anymore.

12 thoughts on “he’s orvis.”

  1. Orviebee (he hates that name!) what did you do! This happened with Emma when I was painting my house in maine..she got it on her ears and bum..dogs are so hard to be mad at :)

  2. oh no! when we pained our dining room (for the fourth time) sidney bean leaned against the wall…the whole right side of sidney bean was more of a yellow lab than a chocolate!

  3. Our lab did the same thing when we painted & had paint on her nose, butt & tail! She also thought the plastic covering for the floor was a pee pad, haha

  4. As I was reading this last evening, Miss Vickie, my dog (who is insistent she must help me edit by sitting next to my chair and stairing at me) was checking out Orvis on the screen! She has a thing for labs:) Great color by the way!

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