happy april!

I unintentionally went the entire month of March without updating this blog once. Terrible, I know. Seeing as it is the first of the month, I thought today would be the perfect day to return from my little blogging hiatus – I already have posts scheduled for each day this week!

For now, here’s a quick update on life these past couple of months. The Life Lab Style blog, featuring the one and only Orvis, is now back in action. One evening Michael and I were scrolling through the dog section on one of my favorite blogs, A House in the Hills, and we started reminiscing about the old daily photo blog we’d created for Orvis. We stopped updating it in 2009, and a lot of the images disappeared when I let one of my (many) previous domains expire. Approximately three people will read this new Life Lab Style blog on a daily basis (two of whom are its creators), but having the ability to go to a website and scroll through pictures of our dear Orvis just makes us smile. As a fun side note, Michael designed the WordPress.com theme, Superhero, for which the blog is formatted.

In other dog news, we welcomed our first foster puppy into our home last month! It’s been a big adjustment for each one of us, but all in all, we’re absolutely loving his company. Check back tomorrow for plenty of puppy cuteness!

Map & Menu is keeping us busy and our bellies pleasantly full. In addition to enjoying some good meals, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know some really inspiring people from throughout Maine because of the site. Both Michael and I are looking forward to keeping this up as we continue using the site to document our food & travel adventures.

I always look forward to posting our Easter egg photos each time this year, but sadly, this was the first year since moving to Maine that we did not dye any eggs. Caring for this little puppy has taken a surprising amount of our time, but it’s definitely worth it and we feel as though our priorities are in the right place. We did manage, however, to still partake in our annual Easter egg scavenger hunt, and only had to chase one egg away from the mischievous little pup!

I hope April is off to a great start for all of you and that you’ve played at least one good prank on someone today!

Orvis on the farm

Orvis in Wiscasset

Snowshoeing with Orvis


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