five favorite skye moments

Michael and I are recapping our trip to the Isle of Skye on Map & Menu this week, so I thought I’d highlight a few of my personal favorite moments here. Skye was a place we’d wanted to visit for years – I remember the very conversation we shared about our hopes to travel to the Scottish island back when we were still in college. Truthfully, it seemed like one of those bucket list places we might always hope to visit, but just might not get to experience firsthand. Thankfully Michael made the trip to Edinburgh for work this May, and knowing we might never be presented with this chance again, we arranged our entire week in Scotland around getting to this island, five hours north of Edinburgh.

1. I followed what seemed like hundreds of sheep and baby lambs around the island for three solid days. It helped that our trip coincided perfectly with lambing season – there were babies everywhere! Of course, they were all scared of me, and I, in turn, was equally as scared of their parents who sometimes stomped their hooves at me. Nevertheless, I persisted in my quest to get a few decent pictures of these adorable balls of fluff and luckily for me, they’re literally all over the island.

Isle of Skye Sheep

2. Right after a picnic dinner on our last night, Michael and I parked on a random side street, watching the clouds move across the island. We found ourselves constantly driving all over the island, in search of non-rainy conditions. During the days we were there, we found the southern part of the island (where we stayed) to be incredibly gloomy and rainy, but the weather seemed a bit more cooperative to the north. Every chance the sun would peek out behind the clouds, I’d get giddy with excitement!

Isle of Skye Scotland

3. During the drive on our final night in Skye, we were herded (in the car) by two border collies. My heart melted and this moment became one that I’ll never forget.

Isle of Skye Sheepdog

4. We were on Skye for less than thirty minutes before we saw our first (and unfortunately only!) Highland Coo up close. Many of the folks from our ferry ride pulled over after we did to try and get a good photo of this guy. He sat down with his back turned to five or so cameras, almost in protest. Adorable.

Highland Coo

5. The moment we were reunited with our Volkswagen after getting two flat tires the night before. En route back to our little guesthouse after my frolic with the sheep at Neist Point (first image) we hit a pothole and got two flat tires! It was 10:30pm and we had no cell phone service, so Michael had to hike a mountain to call our rental car company. Two hours later we were in a tow truck with the nicest man who assured us that he makes rescue trips like this daily for tourists. Being on an island, we were a little scared that the tires might not be in stock and that this would all affect our trip home, but the next morning we picked up our car and didn’t even have to cancel our reservations for lunch, which happened to be the best meal of the trip. For the rest of that final day we had that “if we can survive that…” attitude, which made our afternoon hike and picnic dinner seem even more relaxing.


Take a peek at the rest of our Scotland trip here. We’re posting even more next week!

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