farms of townhouse road

Last spring I traveled up to Whitefield, Maine to photograph the bucolic farms of Townhouse Road for Down East Magazine. I was especially excited to receive the assignment from the magazine because it gave me the opportunity to showcase the beautiful organic dairy farm of my former wedding clients, Annie & Mike. Shortly after their wedding they purchased Sheepscot Valley Farm. Their farm is just one of several along Whitefield’s beautiful Townhouse Road. I’m so happy to see this beautiful area of Maine receive the attention it deserves. If you ever have a chance to drive along Townhouse Road, do it – and be sure to stop for a treat at Sheepscot General or a bite of cheese at Fuzzy Udder!

To read more about the farms of Townhouse Road, click here for the Down East article

Whitefield Townhouse Road for Down East

Townhouse Road for Down East Magazine

Whitefield Maine for Down East

Fuzzy Udder ME Goats

Fuzzy Udder Whitefield ME

Whitefield Maine

Sheepscot General Maine

Dog at Sheepscot General Store

Sheepscot General Whitefield

Spring in Maine

Sheepscot Valley Dairy Farm Maine

Organic Dairy Farm Maine

Sheepscot Valley Farm Whitefield

Whitefield Maine

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  1. I LOVE this! You know my obsession with Maine farms and cows and this is just the most beautiful post. Also… Annie and their little baby boy!! Anyway, these are great- keep it up sis!

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