welcome, enzo!

Oh, this poor blog!  For the first time in months, I have gone over a week without writing a single blog post.  And I skipped two Magazine Mondays. It’s been a busy few weeks with some traveling here & there, and making plans for new & exciting business updates, but I’m back on the blogging train with a couple of fun posts planned for this week!

To start, I thought I would officially introduce our cute little houseguest for the next week: ENZO.

Enzo Dog

Enzo belongs to two of our favorite people and just so happens to be one of Orvis’s closest buddies.  I’ve never seen two dogs of such different sizes play so well together.  They really are quite the pair!


I plan on taking plenty of photos of Enzo & Orvis together over the next few weeks to share with Darcy & Carolyn, so be on the lookout for even more of this little guy!  Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “welcome, enzo!”

  1. Come back to Westbrook and play with the headless chicken, Enzo! You make the office a much happier place.

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