dogs on film.

Last week’s photos of Maggie the black lab puppy & Maddie the chocolate lab puppy were a hit.  Sleepy, snuggly Madison melted hearts all over and the photo of Maggie between her parents’ Bean boots was picked up by L.L. Bean on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter!  Really, who doesn’t just love puppies?

I thought I’d share a few more recent film photos of three other very special dogs.  Enzo belongs to two of our close friends here in Portland, and is one of Orvis’s best pals- despite the 80 pound difference between the two of them!  Abigail is my grandmother’s King Charles Spaniel, and unlike Enzo, doesn’t know what to think of the giant, goofy black lab that comes to visit her every so often.

Dogs on Film

And, of course, that giant, goofy black lab named Orvis!


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