the most delicious combination.

Bread.  Sea Salt.  Olive Oil.  Salt & Pepper.  Michael & I have recently become addicted to this little snack.  Lately, our Saturday afternoon ritual has been picking up a fresh loaf of ciabatta (our absolute favorite!) from our neighborhood bakery in preparation for that evening’s dinner.  The simple combination of flavors is absolutely heavenly.

One snowy morning while Michael was grabbing us a couple of bagels, his friend who works at Scratch offered him a loaf of country wheat bread since the bakery was closing early because of the weather.  It was no ciabatta, but the country wheat loaf certainly served it’s purpose for a few photos & a tasty snow day snack.

Scratch Baking Company

Bread Sea Salt

Bread Olive Oil Sea Salt

All of these images were shot on Kodak Portra 400 and processed by Richard Photo Lab.

PS: Yes, this is the third (!) time I’ve posted photos of baked goods this week . . .  I promise this is not turning into a food blog, it’s just fun (& delicious!) practice for my new interest in film.  More human (& dog!) photos coming soon!

4 thoughts on “the most delicious combination.”

  1. Please know I’m completely okay with you posting delicous food photos. This is one of my favorite snacks as well, esp. with a little freshly grated parmesean cheese in there – yum!

  2. not to be selfish but I think our conversation of balsamic and olive oil reminded you! :) Next time you have the indulgence add some balsamic to the mix, DELICIOUS! If you are ever up here in the Rockland or Bar Harbor area, check out Fiore Olive Oil!

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