happy april!

I unintentionally went the entire month of March without updating this blog once. Terrible, I know. Seeing as it is the first of the month, I thought today would be the perfect day to return from my little blogging hiatus – I already have posts scheduled for each day this week!

For now, here’s a quick update on life these past couple of months. The Life Lab Style blog, featuring the one and only Orvis, is now back in action. One evening Michael and I were scrolling through the dog section on one of my favorite blogs, A House in the Hills, and we started reminiscing about the old daily photo blog we’d created for Orvis. We stopped updating it in 2009, and a lot of the images disappeared when I let one of my (many) previous domains expire. Approximately three people will read this new Life Lab Style blog on a daily basis (two of whom are its creators), but having the ability to go to a website and scroll through pictures of our dear Orvis just makes us smile. As a fun side note, Michael designed the WordPress.com theme, Superhero, for which the blog is formatted.

In other dog news, we welcomed our first foster puppy into our home last month! It’s been a big adjustment for each one of us, but all in all, we’re absolutely loving his company. Check back tomorrow for plenty of puppy cuteness!

Map & Menu is keeping us busy and our bellies pleasantly full. In addition to enjoying some good meals, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know some really inspiring people from throughout Maine because of the site. Both Michael and I are looking forward to keeping this up as we continue using the site to document our food & travel adventures.

I always look forward to posting our Easter egg photos each time this year, but sadly, this was the first year since moving to Maine that we did not dye any eggs. Caring for this little puppy has taken a surprising amount of our time, but it’s definitely worth it and we feel as though our priorities are in the right place. We did manage, however, to still partake in our annual Easter egg scavenger hunt, and only had to chase one egg away from the mischievous little pup!

I hope April is off to a great start for all of you and that you’ve played at least one good prank on someone today!

Orvis on the farm

Orvis in Wiscasset

Snowshoeing with Orvis


sun, snow, and a roll of ektar!

Several weeks ago we woke up to a snowy, sun-filled morning, so I grabbed my camera and a roll of Ektar, and had a little fun with Orvis in the yard! Playing in the snow when the sun is bright and the air is warm is my favorite way to enjoy the winter weather. Today’s crazy snowstorm is still happening, so we’ve yet to really get out and play, but we’re looking forward to a possible snowshoe outing tomorrow!

Kodak’s Ektar film is so fun to shoot when it’s bright & sunny – I love the colors in these photos!  (I also love how silly Orvis looks in so many of these photos, but that has nothing to do with the film!)

Happy snow day!

Pergola in the snow

South Portland Snow

Snowy Orvis

Orvis snow


Orvis in the snow




neighborhood watch.

Now that we’re back in Maine, Orvis has resumed his position of the neighborhood watchdog.  Our neighbors often tell us how much it brightens their day to see this black face in our doorway.

Black Lab

Thanks for keeping an eye on the neighborhood, Orvis!


Orzo is the combined nickname of our lab, Orvis, and his pal, Enzo, coined by our friends Darcy & Carolyn who took care of them both while we were down in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago.  Just two days after we returned home from D.C., it was our turn to look after the unstoppable duo that is Orzo.  Enzo & Orvis spent the better part of two solid weeks together, and we all went through some serious withdrawal issues when the big slumber party came to an end.



Enzo & Orvis

Check my Tumblr blog for a few more photos of these two!

Orvis and Enzo

Last week Enzo became a big brother to little Hughie!  We’re still thinking of what the new combined nickname (Orvis, Enzo, Hughie) should be.  Any ideas?

back home!

Phew.  I’ve just returned home from photographing Paige & Nick’s lovely wedding at the Carolina Inn, my fourth & final out of town wedding this past month.  In the last four weeks, I’ve traveled to North Carolina three times, with a trip to the Caribbean for my first destination wedding in between.  I knew that four back-to-back out of town weddings would be tiring- traveling long distances and keeping up with work is always a challenge.  While I’ve loved having the opportunity to photograph weddings during a typically “slow” time, by New England standards, I am really looking forward to lying low in Maine for the next few weeks.

In the last twenty-seven days, I’ve boarded fourteen different airplanes, ridden on three buses and a ferry, hailed a handful of taxis, and even island hopped on a private boat.  I’ve flown over nine thousand miles, spending only eight nights at home in my own bed.  (I did have the opportunity to stay  at this luxurious inn for a bit, so don’t feel too bad for me!)

The weeks have just whirled right on by, and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of my adventures on my blog in the coming days.  For now though, I’m going to enjoy a quick snooze with my pal, Orvis.



dogs on film.

Last week’s photos of Maggie the black lab puppy & Maddie the chocolate lab puppy were a hit.  Sleepy, snuggly Madison melted hearts all over and the photo of Maggie between her parents’ Bean boots was picked up by L.L. Bean on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter!  Really, who doesn’t just love puppies?

I thought I’d share a few more recent film photos of three other very special dogs.  Enzo belongs to two of our close friends here in Portland, and is one of Orvis’s best pals- despite the 80 pound difference between the two of them!  Abigail is my grandmother’s King Charles Spaniel, and unlike Enzo, doesn’t know what to think of the giant, goofy black lab that comes to visit her every so often.

Dogs on Film

And, of course, that giant, goofy black lab named Orvis!


orvis on film.

Oh, my!  I just – literally just- downloaded the scans from the first roll of film I sent off to Richard Photo Lab, and I am absolutely in love with the results.  In the last year or so I have found myself incredibly drawn to the look & feel of film, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I decided to give it a go myself.  Since this was pretty much a just-for-fun roll, I decided to take a few shots of my favorite go-to model- Orvis.

Orvis Dog

Black Lab

Film Dog Portraits

I’m thrilled to start incorporating more film into my work this year, and look forward to attending a workshop in New York this spring hosted by one of my favorite wedding photographers.  Hooray!  Happy snow day, everyone!

he’s orvis.

We’ve always laughed about his nosy tendencies and overall sense of entitlement.  He truly believes he has the right to go anywhere – even if the door in front of him is almost shut.

It doesn’t matter that the door he’s nudged open with his nose was just painted.  Bright blue.  Less than ten minutes ago.  He’s Orvis.  Rules mean nothing to him.

Paint of Dog

The paint on the nose was much more prominent, but by the time I grabbed my camera, he’d licked a good bit off already.  The thing that still puzzles me though is how in the world he managed to get paint on his butt.  But, then again, he is Orvis . . . and nothing concerning him should really surprise me anymore.