naomi & jeremy

I woke up the morning of Naomi & Jeremy’s wedding day and decided that since they’d flown their dog, Tucker, out from their home in California, I would give myself permission to take as many photos of him as I possibly could, while still documenting the rest of the day, of course.  After all, it’s not everyday that an adorable golden retriever flies across the country to be the ring bearer at his parents’ wedding!

My love for Tucker the ring bearer aside, Naomi & Jeremy’s wedding day was a dream! The drive up to Lovell and around Kezar Lake during peak foliage season was breathtakingly beautiful. I had such a great experience that day that I ended up bringing Michael & Orvis back for a hike up picturesque Sabattus Mountain a few weeks later. As always, it was so much fun working alongside my friend, Sarah of daisies & pearls, who is, by the way, just as obsessed with Tucker as I am.

The following are just a few of my favorites from Naomi & Jeremy’s beautiful fall wedding day. Enjoy!

Fall Wedding Invitation

Ring Bearer Dog

Kezar Lake Maine

Kezar Lake

Flower Kiosk Wedding

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Flower Kiosk Bouquets

Kezar Lake Maine Wedding

Kezar Kaje Weddubgs

Kezar Lake Wedding Photos

Lovell Maine Wedding

Fall Wedding in Maine

Lovell ME Wedding

Dogs at Weddings

Kezar Lake Wedding Pictures

Naomi and Jeremy

Kezar Lake Wedding

Kezar Lake Wedding Maine

Meredith Perdue Weddings


Dog Ring Bearer

Stone Mountain Arts Center

Stone Mountain Arts Center Wedding

Stone Mountain Arts Center

Let Them Eat Cake

Stone Mountain Arts Center

Ceremony: Westways. Reception: Stone Mountain Arts Center. Coordination: daisies & pearls. Flowers: Flower Kiosk. Cake: Let Them Eat Cake. Hair & Makeup: Big Day Beauty Events. Music: Dionne Entertainment. Rentals: One Stop Event Rentals. Stationery: Papier Gourmet.

meet our foster pup!

Meet our foster pup, Micah! He’s a four month-old Husky/Australian Shepherd puppy from Virginia filled with an unbelievable amount of love and affection. This little guy has been living with us for the past ten days, accompanying us on walks throughout the day and beach trips whenever the tide is low. He’s absolutely smitten with his foster brother, Orvis, who has proven to be his greatest teacher.

For a year or two now I’ve been a fan of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue on Facebook, and approximately six times a week I would show Michael a photo of a sweet dog with an incredibly sad story in need of a foster or forever home. We began to donate money, but I still felt the need to do something a bit more tangible. Knowing that once wedding season begins and our free time will all but disappear, we decided to take advantage of our last month of downtime and apply to be a foster family.

We fell hard for this guy. Really hard. This might be because Michael and I are simply obsessed with dogs, but we think that it largely speaks to the kind of dog Micah is – loyal, loving, playful, so happy, etc. Through fostering Micah we’ve learned so much about ourselves, like the fact that we become attached to dogs way too quickly. I’m dreading the day Micah leaves our house, knowing that I’ll cry like I’ve never cried before, but also knowing that Micah will have hopefully found his forever home. Micah has undoubtedly changed our lives, and we know from firsthand experience that he’ll bring someone, some couple, or some family an unbelievable amount of joy.

If you know of anyone looking to adopt a dog, please forward these photos to them. For anyone who’s interested in adopting Micah, go ahead and fill out the adoption application so that when he’s officially adoptable, you’re all set! Since he’s a cute, well-adjusted, snuggly puppy, we honestly don’t think he’ll last long once he’s listed. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this little guy. Since we’ve decided not to adopt him ourselves, it is our number one priority to find him the best possible family!

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Photos

Big Fluffy Dog Foster

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Foster Dog

Big Fluffy Dog Foster Pup

Micah the foster pup

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Foster

happy april!

I unintentionally went the entire month of March without updating this blog once. Terrible, I know. Seeing as it is the first of the month, I thought today would be the perfect day to return from my little blogging hiatus – I already have posts scheduled for each day this week!

For now, here’s a quick update on life these past couple of months. The Life Lab Style blog, featuring the one and only Orvis, is now back in action. One evening Michael and I were scrolling through the dog section on one of my favorite blogs, A House in the Hills, and we started reminiscing about the old daily photo blog we’d created for Orvis. We stopped updating it in 2009, and a lot of the images disappeared when I let one of my (many) previous domains expire. Approximately three people will read this new Life Lab Style blog on a daily basis (two of whom are its creators), but having the ability to go to a website and scroll through pictures of our dear Orvis just makes us smile. As a fun side note, Michael designed the theme, Superhero, for which the blog is formatted.

In other dog news, we welcomed our first foster puppy into our home last month! It’s been a big adjustment for each one of us, but all in all, we’re absolutely loving his company. Check back tomorrow for plenty of puppy cuteness!

Map & Menu is keeping us busy and our bellies pleasantly full. In addition to enjoying some good meals, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know some really inspiring people from throughout Maine because of the site. Both Michael and I are looking forward to keeping this up as we continue using the site to document our food & travel adventures.

I always look forward to posting our Easter egg photos each time this year, but sadly, this was the first year since moving to Maine that we did not dye any eggs. Caring for this little puppy has taken a surprising amount of our time, but it’s definitely worth it and we feel as though our priorities are in the right place. We did manage, however, to still partake in our annual Easter egg scavenger hunt, and only had to chase one egg away from the mischievous little pup!

I hope April is off to a great start for all of you and that you’ve played at least one good prank on someone today!

Orvis on the farm

Orvis in Wiscasset

Snowshoeing with Orvis


Charlie at home.

While I was down in North Carolina for Lindsay & Cory’s wedding, I had a chance to stay with my sister & brother-in-law at their adorable home in Durham. These trips make me so excited because I spend one hundred percent of my free time there cuddling with my nephew, Charlie. Soon there will be a nephew of the human persuasion around, and while the thought of buying him striped onesies thrills me, I simply cannot imagine a time when Charlie is not the highlight of my stay in Durham. (Sorry, M & P, but you’ve known this for a few years now.) Isn’t he darling?

Chevron Rug

Charlie Henry

Sleeping Dog

orvis on polaroid.

I spontaneously picked up a Polaroid Spectra yesterday while I was running errands in the Old Port, and I was beside myself with excitement as I began to experiment with it! Of course, Orvis is always my favorite subject, so I decided to begin my foray into instant film with him.

Polaroid Scans

I’m having way too much fun with my Spectra, and I’ve decided that the photos are basically physical versions of the images I take using my favorite iPhone app, Instagram. Since I’m a polaroid newbie, does anyone have any tips for me?

a photo of orvis!

As I was wrapping up a conversation on the phone with one of my super sweet brides just now, I had to laugh when she told me to post some more photos of Orvis on my blog soon!  Owning a black lab herself, she particularly loves when I share a photo or two of our crazy dog.  Knowing that there are plenty of other Orvis fans out there, I thought I’d take her advice.

This is a recent photo of Orvis I took to use up some film after Molly & Nir’s wedding.  I simply cannot get enough of his amber-colored eyes here.



Orzo is the combined nickname of our lab, Orvis, and his pal, Enzo, coined by our friends Darcy & Carolyn who took care of them both while we were down in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago.  Just two days after we returned home from D.C., it was our turn to look after the unstoppable duo that is Orzo.  Enzo & Orvis spent the better part of two solid weeks together, and we all went through some serious withdrawal issues when the big slumber party came to an end.



Enzo & Orvis

Check my Tumblr blog for a few more photos of these two!

Orvis and Enzo

Last week Enzo became a big brother to little Hughie!  We’re still thinking of what the new combined nickname (Orvis, Enzo, Hughie) should be.  Any ideas?

welcome, enzo!

Oh, this poor blog!  For the first time in months, I have gone over a week without writing a single blog post.  And I skipped two Magazine Mondays. It’s been a busy few weeks with some traveling here & there, and making plans for new & exciting business updates, but I’m back on the blogging train with a couple of fun posts planned for this week!

To start, I thought I would officially introduce our cute little houseguest for the next week: ENZO.

Enzo Dog

Enzo belongs to two of our favorite people and just so happens to be one of Orvis’s closest buddies.  I’ve never seen two dogs of such different sizes play so well together.  They really are quite the pair!


I plan on taking plenty of photos of Enzo & Orvis together over the next few weeks to share with Darcy & Carolyn, so be on the lookout for even more of this little guy!  Happy Tuesday!