airstream escape

Last week was hot throughout many parts of the country, including Maine.  Suffering through consecutive days with heat indexes over 100 degrees and no air conditioning, I nearly lost it.  Poor Orvis couldn’t stop panting and I was just downright cranky about the fact that our house was literally 90 degrees inside.  I’d reached my breaking point on Friday afternoon, but thankfully, my parents remembered that the airstream trailer on their farm in Wiscasset had air conditioning!  (How they forgot this in the middle of a heat wave, I have no idea, but luckily they were more than willing to share their AC with us, as their well-insulated stone cottage, which stayed mildly cool despite the high temperatures!)

With the promise of two nights’ sleep with air conditioning, it didn’t take us long to gather our things & Orvis, and head an hour north to Wiscasset.  On the way up, Michael & I made a pact to turn off our phones for the weekend, in attempt to have a completely “unplugged” weekend.  Doing so was the best decision- it helped us relax and enjoy our little impromptu getaway even more.

Given our rush to get out the door on Friday evening, I didn’t bring any magazines with me and thus I was ill-prepared for today’s Magazine Monday.  Instead, I thought I’d share a few photos from our airstream escape!  Isn’t it darling?

Airstream Trailer

Airstream Camper

More photos from my family’s farm coming soon!  Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “airstream escape”

  1. I love your mom’s vision and the amazing work she and Ed have done on that property! And of course the Airsteam is glorious!

  2. I feel you – there were a couple of days last week where, believe it or not, Minneapolis had the highest heat index in the world except for the Amazon basin.

    Unrelated-ly, I love the new blog, but my computer has a lot of trouble displaying the text so that it’s easily readable. It’s quite possible that it’s just my computer but I just thought I would let you know!

  3. Love the Airstream! Glad that you were able to escape for a bit to what looks like such a gorgeous spot! I hate the power bill that goes with AC but I cannot survive the summer without it!

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