a photo of orvis!

As I was wrapping up a conversation on the phone with one of my super sweet brides just now, I had to laugh when she told me to post some more photos of Orvis on my blog soon!  Owning a black lab herself, she particularly loves when I share a photo or two of our crazy dog.  Knowing that there are plenty of other Orvis fans out there, I thought I’d take her advice.

This is a recent photo of Orvis I took to use up some film after Molly & Nir’s wedding.  I simply cannot get enough of his amber-colored eyes here.


6 thoughts on “a photo of orvis!”

  1. OMG do I ever need a labrador retriever in my life. Until I can convince David of the need for one, please keep posting the always-adorable photos of my favorite celebrity labrador. This put a huge dopey grin on my face!

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