2013 pumpkins!

Over the years, sharing the pumpkins Michael and I carve on the blog has become somewhat of a tradition. (For a walk down memory lane check out our pumpkins in 2012, 2011, and 2010!) It’s all Michael, really. I’m mostly there to keep him company and make fun fall-themed cocktails, while he creates jack-o-lantern masterpieces. The show stealer this year is definitely the moustached, monocle-wearing pumpkin, but I do love the veiny teeth in the crazy-eyed pumpkin! Of course, there’s the annual Orvis pumpkin that miraculously gets more adorable each year, even though we continue to use the exact same cookie cutter. And then there’s mine – the one with two teeth (there might have been a dental mishap on my part) and a horribly (hopefully cute?) crooked mouth.

Happy Halloween from our little family to yours!

Labrador Pumpkin


Crazy Eyes Pumpkin


Pumpkin Ideas


8 thoughts on “2013 pumpkins!”

  1. Love these! After a heck of a time trying to carve a sailboat last night – I am amazed by your artistic talents. You guys are the best! I love the Orvis pumpkin – it does get cuter every year! Happy Halloween, friends! xoxo

  2. SO happy Orvis made an appearance on a pumpking AND with your artistic carvings. Love him! These are really great, you guys. Oh, you put my “H” to shame. The mustache is killer. Happy Halloween! Hope your trick-or-treaters appreciate your hard work!

  3. unreal!!! you guys always take pumpkin carving to a new level and shame the rest of us!!
    i really love all of them!!
    orvis has his own…
    great job!

  4. Oh My Goodness – how did I miss this???? This is one of my all time favorite posts of the year!! One of the few things I like about Halloween!!!! Seriously in LOVE with the monocle!!! Love it!! Great job guys!!!

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