2012 pumpkins!

As many of you know by now, pumpkins & Easter eggs are taken very seriously in the Perdue-Cain house. Not so much by me, I most certainly cannot take credit for the creativity & thought that goes into the lovely eggs & pumpkins shown on the blog year after year – it’s all Michael. I begin my pumpkin carving or egg dyeing with the best of intentions, sketching out thoughts and ideas, but then I end up losing patience and carelessly finish whatever I am working on so I can just be done with it. I determined this weekend that I am much more into the snacks that accompany pumpkin carving than pumpkin carving itself – but really, who’s not into apple cider bourbon drinks & brown butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? Michael, on the other hand, takes his time with everything, carefully planning his ideas and then executing them to perfection.

I loved the Orvis pumpkin Michael created last year, so I asked him to make it a tradition and carve another this year! Using a similar approach to last year’s Wayfarer pumpkin, Michael carved this bow tie-wearing pumpkin – isn’t he darling?


Jack-o-lantern Ideas

I’ve learned that it’s quite difficult to mess up a goofy-looking pumpkin, so I carved the one below. Don’t let his happy-go-lucky smile fool you, I’m quite positive this pumpkin is secretly evil. It took us almost 20 minutes to cut the hole in his head to scoop him out, and when I was carving his eyes, a piece of pumpkin shot right back into my own eye, rendering me useless with a swollen, red eye for quite some time.

Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

It seems as though Michael likes to round out his collection with a scary pumpkin. This little pumpkin was very green, so his teeth have a green tint and look very veiny, which I think adds to his spookiness!

Michael Cain Pumpkins

Do you have a favorite? Mine is, as many might guess, the Orvis pumpkin! But Mr. Bow Tie is definitely a close second! Happy Halloween to you all!

11 thoughts on “2012 pumpkins!”

  1. so cute! graham and i wanted to carve a bow tie pumpkin, but unfortunately we don’t have the same skill set as you two! these are all adorable! happy halloween purdue-cains!!!

  2. my favorite is the bow tie pumpkin…but the “evil” pumpkin and the one with the unusual smile pull at the artistic side for me….and orvis is just orvis…cute, cute, cute.
    good job you guys…you are AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. Tell me, did you have a picture of me beside the bow tie man? It’s ok if you did. I’d feel honored. Of course I love that guy, but the one with the HUGE mouth makes me laugh out loud (or LOL as you may know it)!

  4. Graham makes me LOL. I assume that is a Graham pumpkin, right? Anyway, awesome guys! Well done and you continue to amaze me w/ your carving skills.

  5. Ohmygoooooooooosh you two! My favorite is of course the Orvis pumpkin. Even in silhouette jack-o-lantern style he is still soooo so so so cute I want to snuggle him.

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